Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bruce 1, Schilling 0

Curt Schilling talks (briefly) about the home run he gave up to Reds uber-prospect Jay Bruce:
Fourth inning sees me give up a run. A pretty good sized kid [Jay Bruce] puts a real good swing on a 2-0 fastball that’s up on the outer half, and drives it over the wall in left for an opposite field home run. I’ll claim the wind helped, but he hit the ball a ton.
It's clear that Schilling wasn't pitching specifically to Bruce, by which I mean he wasn't pitching to a scouting report. But there were still more good things than bad about this. It's good that Bruce worked the count to 2-0, making the pitcher actually pitch to you is a positive. He hit it to the opposite field. I like a hitter who isn't hung up on pulling the ball and can hit it to the opposite field with some power. But, it was a fastball. The majors are littered with guys who can hit fastballs. What does Bruce do with a good breaking ball?

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