Tuesday, February 6, 2007

First Post

Welcome to Redleg Ruckus. After years spent thinking about it I've finally harnessed the energy to put a blog together. In the following posts you'll find a variety of topics covered. My current posting ideas revolve around baseball (specifically the Cincinnati Reds), the history of Cincinnati, and education reform. Its only a start, but it should be enough to carry me through the end of the school year.

As I start this blog I'm a first year law student at the University of Dayton who has just begun his second semester. Because of the time commitments associated with my chosen area of study, I would not expect posts to come daily. However, I am always looking for a distraction to pull me away from the mind boggling world of torts, contracts, and property - so you shouldn't have to wait too long between offerings.

Please feel free to make your own comments. Tell me I'm a moron. Offer a good counter argument. I want nothing more than to make the topics I bring up a starting point for further learning.


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Beckey said...

More cowbell! Just the thing I needed to read at 7:18 in the morning and squirt milk through my nose while laughing.